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National Registered Travel Agent Number: RNAVT 8365                                                              by DaHungryCouple 2018


"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind."

- Seneca


Not all travel experiences are created equal. Nowadays, more and more travellers are seeking experiences that allow for a deeper and more authentic look into the places they visit. DaHungryCouple pays attention to and feeds the hunger of our clients.

We value approaching travel experiences as a traveller rather than a tourist. We’ve decided to take our skills for finding unique experiences and to share them with others who may not have the time or interest to find those experiences on their own. We find ways to open up adventures on the road less travelled.


We are Adam Freeman and Rachel Lau Freeman. Adam is a former ESL educator who has consistently used his talents for entertaining people to create engaging and dynamic educational experiences. Rachel is a former Senior Editor at ELLE Hong Kong and Content Manager at Yahoo Hong Kong with skills in strategic planning, personal relations and communication.

Together we are DaHungryCouple, helping you experience Portugal the way you deserve.


Founders of DaHungryCouple : Adam Freeman (left) and Rachel Lau Freeman (right)