DaHungryCouple is a registered travel agency offering bespoke travel experiences throughout Portugal. We tailor-make all travel itineraries according to client interests and needs, thereby facilitating unique experiences in Portugal in a hassle-free way.

During our time in Portugal, we began sourcing little known products that have not yet been exported to the Asian continent. By establishing the DaHungryCouple Specialty Exports department of our business, we hope to introduce superior Portuguese products to new markets, and to showcase the quality products Portugal has been ‘hiding’ within her borders for far too long.

Finally, our experience as Golden Visa investors has prepared us to help guide our clients through the same process. We have first-hand knowledge of the process. We understand the needs, questions and concerns of our clients. To aid our clients, we have established a local professional network to provide one-stop consultancy services, including Golden Visa acquisition, property search and property management.


The couple behind DahungryCouple

We are Adam Freeman and Rachel Lau Freeman. Adam is a former ESL educator who has consistently used his talents for entertaining people to create engaging and dynamic educational experiences. Rachel is a former Senior Editor at ELLE Hong Kong and Content Manager at Yahoo Hong Kong. Her role as co-founder of DaHungryCouple allowed her to utilise her skills in strategic planning, personal relations and communication to maximum effect.


Founders of DaHungryCouple : Adam Freeman (left) and Rachel Lau Freeman (right)