THE hidden gems

While Port wine has traditionally stood as the pinnacle of Portuguese alimentary exports, we believe the attention it demands has created a myopic view concerning the many high quality and unique alcoholic products currently on offer in the Portuguese market. It’s almost as if they’ve been hiding behind a veil for years, or perhaps the market hadn’t reached a competitive level of maturity in comparison to other European alcoholic products.


Beer Glass


The Iberian Peninsula sits upon a mountain of quality alcoholic products that have received a limited introduction to the outside world. These unique and authentically Portuguese/Spanish wines, craft beers and liqueurs deserve introduction to connoisseurs of alcohol the world over. 



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Preserved seafood holds a long and highly prosperous history in Portugal and Northern Spain's coastal regions. To maintain that tradition, we introduce the absolute best of what's on offer throughout the region. 

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Iberian flavour profiles have long included smoked, salted and cured animal products. Our collection includes a premium assortment of cured products from independent, local producers of the highest quality.  

Olive Branch and Olive Oil


Jams, compotes, oils, butters, honeys...the world is made better by their presence! Our curated selection of Iberian flavours both compliments and supplements any sumptuous feast!  

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Both Portugal and Spain have had a tremendous love affair with snacks, be they salty or sweet! Incredible flavour sensations await those who choose to snack the Iberian way!