黃金A1及A2葡萄牙語課程|A1 & A2 Personalised Portuguese Courses


這個A1及A2葡萄牙語課程,顧名思義,因應移民葡萄牙入籍語文水平要求而設。課程的框架、結構及內容等,由從事外語教育多年的Adam Freeman (DaHungryCouple創辦人之一)與葡萄牙波圖一間語文教育中心,按CIPLE葡語入藉考試的範圍合作設計。

片中的Rafaela是我們的導師之一,其他的導師亦如Rafaela一樣來自葡萄牙,並具備相關語文教學資格及經驗,專門教授純正葡式的葡萄牙語。課堂採用一對一教學模式,以及彈性學習時間,學生可自行決定上課日子及時間。至於老師的教學手法、課堂氣氛節奏等,就較難用文字形容,所以我們特別提供首次試堂優惠 (1小時試堂價€18歐元,每人只限一次),讓大家先親身體驗然後再作決定。


A1共75小時/ A2共75小時,合共150小時





導師簡介: Rafaela來自葡萄牙波圖,是一名專教外國人葡語的導師。她熱愛教學、旅遊及閱讀。她曾任教葡萄牙及西班牙的不同機構,包括:學校、移民局、Erasmus大學交換生預備班等,同時擁有豐富的網上教學經驗。


How can we make better use of our time at home during self-quarantine? Online learning is an excellent answer. DaHungryCouple happily presents our newest service: Personalised Portuguese Courses!

Targeted toward Golden Visa applicants, our comprehensive private Portuguese language lessons follow a specialised curriculum tailored to the CIPLE test for Portuguese citizenship. Starting with no Portuguese language ability, you'll travel from 'zero to hero' in 6 easy modules. By the time you finish, you'll have achieved A2 level proficiency and be fully prepared to ace the language exam and claim full Portuguese citizenship!

Our course instructors (Rafaela is one) are native Portuguese with strong qualifications and experience in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. Therefore, every element of these specialised classes incorporates an authentically Portuguese approach.

A1 & A2 Portuguese Language Course (Total 150 hours)

Structure: 3 modules for each level Hours: 25 hours for each module

Class size: one on one

Class schedule: flexible

Fee: €600,00 for each module

We offer trial classes (each person can enrol for one 60 minute class only once) at a very attractive price of €18,00. Come try it out!

Feel free to contact us at for more details and sign up!

Teacher bio: Rafaela is a teacher of Portuguese for Foreigners from Porto, Portugal. She is passionate about teaching, travelling and reading. So far, she has taught in Portugal and Spain in varying learning contexts. Her experience includes instruction at: language schools, immigrant offices, Erasmus preparation courses and online classes with students from all over the world.

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