Algarve: Beach Alternatives in Portugal’s Sunny South

Sun, sun, sun…here we come? Of course, if your focus is praying to the sun god Apollo, then the Algarve region is a perfect sanctuary, nearly year round. But what to do for those who aren’t as enticed by the sun’s bewitching rays? Today we explore a few alternatives in the region that allow for exciting and engaging alternatives to Algarve’s beaches. Let’s begin, eh?

Caldas de Monchique- Sometimes we crave a good spa, and this region serves as one of the most popular thermal areas in the Algarve. None of the hotels in the area actually provide access to the thermal baths, so it’s necessary to visit the caldas directly. While not as culturally brilliant as Japanese thermal baths, the mineral waters of Portugal still provide a relaxing respite from the ravages of time. The area is exceedingly quiet and relaxing as well.

Loulé– artisan crafts and unique Algarve gastronomic products are a main draw of this city. An easy day trip allows for the purchase of fine artisanal crafts, handmade by Portuguese craftspeople dedicated to the preservation of traditional items. The quality is superb, and there is a surprisingly extensive selection of items.

Porches– ceramics, ceramics and more ceramics! Porches ceramics are widely known in the region for their extremely high quality, with a staggering selection of various handcrafted items. In fact, leaving the Algarve without a traditional ceramic piece might be considered a type of sacrilege, but thankfully Porches provides a tremendous number of locations to get your Portuguese ceramics fix. Hallelujah!

Silves– an extremely scenic town and excellent day trip, the city hosts a gothic cathedral, and has remained nearly unchanged for more than five hundred years, with limited modern development. The region is also extremely well known for its oranges, which are used in any number of food products, from cookies and jams to beers and liqueurs!

Other opportunities exist for exploration in the region, but these towns could possibly serve as an excellent introduction to non-beach alternatives in the Algarve region. DaHungryCouple has confirmed connections to a few providers in these areas and remain available to clients to help maximise alternatives to seaside tourism in the Algarve!

by @dahungryhubs

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