DaHungryCouple 2020: The State of the Union

Our September 27, 2019 post highlighted a number of directions we would be pursuing in 2020, but after our US—Thailand—Hong Kong trips at the end of 2019, we want to update where we stand and the direction we are headed this year.

Travel Experiences

As ever, we have identified a number of locations throughout Portugal, partnering with various hotels, resorts, vineyards and other trusted travel agencies to provide customised service for all clients interested in a visit to Portugal. The focus is to help expose a part of Portugal that clients may not have known existed, and to share the best of what this country has to offer.

Export Opportunities

We have solidified the products included in our export portfolio (to be detailed in an upcoming blog post), and determined a number of corporate clients in Hong Kong. This year will see us expanding our product list to include Spanish alimentary items, as well as a deeper dive into quality wines, liqueurs and food products from the Interior of Portugal. On a side note, we are pleased to have initiated facilitation of a craft beer collaboration between a noted Hong Kong brewery and an up-and-coming Portuguese microbrewery. Details to follow.

Golden Visa Consultancy

Of course, we are available to help oversee the entire process for various clients who have interest in that; however, we’ve discovered that differentiation of services provided may be in our best interest. Aside from assistance with our team of lawyers, accountants, developers, real estate agents and architects, we will also expand to support those interested in learning Portuguese by partnering with local educational institutions to provide courses in preparation for the CIPLE exam. We take the concerns of our clients to heart, and are willing to go the extra mile. Additional services such as this are a significant part of the empathetic approach we take to transitioning to a new country.

The Refurbishment Process

These things take time (especially in the current construction climate in Portugal), so we’ve decided to detail the process of how the refurbishment of our properties is going, in both written and video formats. One of the most important things that some businesse are forgetting (in the mad rush to service as many clients as possible) is that the quality of the refurbishment really, really matters. So many developers and construction companies are sacrificing attention to detail in order to make a quick buck. Our process will be the opposite of that, instead focusing on guaranteeing quality. Since the devil is in the details, we cordially invite you to watch our process unfold.

So 2020 already looks incredible!! We hope you enjoy the content, services and products we’re able to provide, and hope to see you in Portugal very, very soon!

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