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While Port wine has traditionally stood as the pinnacle of Portuguese alimentary exports, we believe the attention it demands has created a myopic view concerning the many high quality and unique alcoholic products currently on offer in the Portuguese market. It’s almost as if they’ve been hiding behind a veil for years, or perhaps the market hadn’t reached a competitive level of maturity in comparison to other European alcoholic products. Fortunately, this conundrum no longer exists.

In mid-2018, we began sourcing little known products that have not yet been given their due. In fact, all the products in our portfolio have either: 1) never been exported outside of Portugal before, or 2) only been exported in small numbers throughout the European Union. It is our hope to introduce these superior Portuguese products to new markets, making them more widely available to a variety of appetites and connoisseurs while simultaneously educating consumers about the quality hidden in a yet untapped and compelling market.

Our 2020 Product Options include: an exquisite Benedictine monk handmade liqueur whose recipe has remained a secret for over a century, two unique Imperial Stouts from a microbrewery committed to infusing Portuguese traditional ingredients into their beers, an Imperial Stout from an up-and-coming microbrewery based in Porto, an exquisite Reserva sourced from the fast-developing Dão region, and two exceptional, award-winning Transmontanan wines that have never before been exported.

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Also, 2020 will see an expansion of products on offer, especially as we communicate with a number of Portuguese and Spanish farms, vineyards, olive oil producers, brewers and producers. At DaHungryCouple, we strive to discover the best products available within Portugal. Expect attention to detail and a focus on quality from all of our providers. Life is too short to eat bad food.

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