波圖樓盤傳真EP3 House Hunting in Porto

今集我們去到杜羅河的另一邊——Vila Nova de Gaia,參觀一個即將完工(預計2020年7月)的建築項目。由於物業的平方米價格,以及生活消費比波圖市中心低,因此Vila Nova de Gaia多以本地人為主,屬local地段。

新樓位置離波圖市中心約30分鐘地鐵車程,附近有不少本地小店、食肆,以及一間國際大型百貨公司,無論自住或出租皆宜。 大部份單位經已售出,尚餘少部份可供買賣。欲知更多詳情,歡迎聯絡!


In this video of our series, we travel out of Porto, across the river to Vila Nova de Gaia to see some a building development that finishes soon (as of July 2020). It's a great opportunity to see a different location and type of property that still remains reasonable affordable. A great consideration for those seeking to live here over the longer term, or to rent to locals or those who desire a larger space at a lower price point.

Few apartments are still available. Feel free to message us for more information.

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