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For us here at DaHungryCouple, 2019 has been a year full of preparations, of consolidation, and a dash of inspiration. We’ve enjoyed visits from friends and family, produced a number of videos, conducted numerous ‘research trips’, solidified plans on the refurbishment of our Porto properties, curated a portfolio of alcoholic products for export to Hong Kong, made new friends, and even conducted @hangrywifey cooking pop-ups around town!

As we move into the end of the year, our focus will shift a bit. To be honest, we’re quite excited about it, because it allows us to share some of what we have learned in person with people who may be interested to learn more. In October 2019, we will travel to the USA for @hangrywifey’s first ‘flyover country’ visit to the US. In that true spirit of slow travel, we’ll spend a month visiting places like New York City, Albuquerque and Indianapolis, re-connecting with old friends and family, and finding new friends as well!

November 2019 will find us back in Porto, preparing for our end-of-year pilgrimage to Hong Kong. December 2019 sees a month-long opportunity to immerse ourselves once more in Hong Kong’s incredible dining scene, introduce some of the unique Portuguese products we’ve discovered to interested parties, experience a small hint of nostalgia for the foundations of our marriage, and give love and appreciation to the friends and family who’ve been so supportive as we’ve moved in this new direction. That and a short family trip to Thailand!

It’s invigorating, because with the start of 2020, our company moves into a number of new phases. The four services we will fully offer are:

1) tailoring curated travel experiences in Portugal for corporate and specialised clients

2) actively exporting to Hong Kong, highlighting undervalued Portuguese products

3) the completion of our Porto properties and establishing our ‘property management’ skills

4) supporting Golden Visa applicants through the process of investing in Portugal

The content we produce between now and the end of the year will vary a bit from what we’ve been doing so far. We’ll highlight some of the amazing sights, sounds and experiences captured during our travels, but we’ll also make sure that we stay abreast of the changes in Portugal. Content over the next few months will be a bit broader, but hopefully no less useful!

So with that, we thank those who’ve been paying attention to our efforts. We will still be around, ready to help those curious about Portugal to expand their understanding, but also to secure the gains we’ve made in the past year. We are very grateful, and take the privilege of living this kind of life very seriously.

It looks to be a very exciting end to an amazing year of entrepreneurship.

by @dahungryhubs

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