'Pivoting' during a Pandemic

For the times, they are a changing? Here at DaHungryCouple, we are no strangers to the strange transition that is occurring worldwide due to the spread of COVID-19. It is a time of ambiguity, of extreme uncertainty, and while we have a solid structure for our business, we remain uncertain of when we will be able to return to the things we offer. Here’s a snapshot of how it looks for us right now:

  • We are a registered tourism company. At present, European tourism is ‘on pause’, and it is uncertain what tourism will look like during the remainder of the year.

  • We have increased the number of premium alimentary products maintained within our export portfolio. Sadly, we still have no idea when supply chains will return to normal and the incredible products we’ve sourced around Portugal and Spain will be exported.

  • We remain a legal Golden Visa (and business) consultancy service here in Portugal. Our advice to all potential clients has become limited to a ‘wait and see’ approach.

So it’s time to get inspired, and creative as well, no? As it stands, @dahungryhubs has returned to education, working with an online school to develop materials and teach literature part-time. As always, I remain in communication with our DaHungryCouple providers and clients as they plan for the future.

@Hangrywifey has determined an incredible opportunity to pivot. Soon, she will unveil a home-based cooking business, initially focused on take-away, but she is also preparing for private kitchen events, pop-ups and other options as time goes by. Her repertoire of authentic Asian-style food (cakes and cookies too!) has filled out significantly, and she will direct her time and talent toward helping expose Porto’s foodies to her mouth-watering creations. We are super proud of her creativity and ability to utilise her skills during this time.

We remain in constant contact with our team of realtors, lawyers, architects, accountants, product providers and tourism partners, and patiently wait for the day when things have returned to a ‘normal’ that still allows people to take full advantage of the wonderful benefits and quality of life we’ve discovered here in Portugal.

Until that time, we make the pivot and forge ahead. Continued wishes of safety and security to you and yours…

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