Porto: The Indefatigable City

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Founded in 1123, Porto is a city full of hidden alleys, panoramic vistas and an ambience that transports visitors back to a time imbued with medieval charm. As Porto lies in the northern part of the country, it has been fortunate enough to escape various natural disasters that impacted the rest of Portugal. Also, Porto has never been conquered by an outside invader. It is for both these reasons that Porto is known as The Indefatigable City.

The Porto people are quite proud of their city, and a polite rivalry exists between citizens of the capital, Lisbon, and those who populate her second city. While Lisbon is known as a centre of culture, Porto cannot be discounted in any way. Home to a burgeoning literary scene, one of Portugal’s iconic universities and a plethora of architectural masterpieces, culture remains a pillar of the city’s universal appeal.

Add to that a vibrant music community, from street buskers along Rua das Flores, to internationally known artists performing at the well-respected Casa de Música. For visual arts, the gallery zone of Miguel Bombarda and world-famous Serralves Museum, a sprawling contemporary art complex, rise as a few of the sweet spots in this marvellous city.

Since 2013, the city has become a virtual construction scene, with numerous properties on nearly every street around town receiving a facelift and comprehensive refurbishment. Spurring this development are the honour of being voted Best European Destination in 2012, 2014 and 2017.

Of course, no trip to Porto would be complete without a tasting of Port wine, literally named for the city. The history of wine flowing from the Douro Valley through Porto to the world is long and well-known. Porto is also home to a booming gastronomy scene.

With such attention to the traditions of the past, and a future firmly rooted in sustainable improvement of the city’s fabulous façades, Porto is poised to be a world-class destination for at least the next decade. It’s for this reason that DaHungryCouple chose to purchase and refurbish a property here!

by @dahungryhubs

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