Rub a dub dub, thanks for the scrub. Yay soap!

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

My mother sometimes tells a story of how, as a young boy, that even though out playing with friends, I would occasionally bounce into the house, wash my hands, and return to our reverie. Cleanliness was apparently hard-wired into me.

Flash forward to Japan, a country steeped in a hygienic approach to life, and I found myself enjoying a weekly (and sometimes more frequently than that!) soak in the bathhouse, in utter relaxation and the process of cleansing my mind and body in healing waters. This trend of cleanliness had not dissipated…

So imagine my utter joy to find (while doing research around Portugal in 2017) that this country is home to some of the most celebrated and premier soap brands on the planet! Not to get flashy, but both Oprah and Michelle Obama have become fans of Portuguese soap, and several classy hoteliers around Portugal have taken to carrying only top-quality Portuguese soaps as part of their branding.

Portugal’s luxury soaps come in many forms, with unique (and standard) ingredients such as: lemons, roses, aloe vera, olive and almond oils, and even donkey milk! There are many more options than this, of course, and a visit to Portugal would not be complete without checking out a few outlets of any number of the established brands.

Add the fact that most soaps are vibrantly decorated, hand-wrapped with distinctive artwork, and visitors to Portugal find a classy gift option in the simplest of products. Yay soap!


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