The DaHungryCouple Spain Bucket List: Galicia (just a bit north of Porto!)

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Xardíns de Colón, Pontevedra

I’ll admit it (with glee!). I’ve already allowed the Spanish travel bug to bite, and I recently pestered @hangrywifey to ‘allow’ me to take a cursory research trip within the region of Galicia. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, the entire trip only served to further whet my appetite for a region that currently does not boast the most profound tourism apparatus (but that’s just the kind of reason why I’d want to visit in the first place).

Spain has factored long on my personal travel bucket list, and it should be on yours as well. Wait! Shouldn’t I be talking about Portugal? I mean, we do operate a tourism business based here after all…

The truth is that DaHungryCouple was originally established as an Iberian-focused travel agency. Portugal serves as one part of our intended target destination, but Spain was always a part of the longer-term plan. With time, we hope to facilitate travel for clients (and friends) who have interest in visiting both Spain and Portugal. Our end goal, of course, is to host a traditional-style bed and breakfast (location yet to be determined).

So with that, let’s get to a few areas of Galicia that are at the top of our list (and full disclosure, I’ve already visited Vigo and Pontevedra):

A Coruña– with a long, extended beach, this seaside city boasts access to excellent seafood, served in top-level marisquerías. But it’s also the affordable tascas, and chef-driven restaurants that make this a gastronomic destination in the furthest reaches of the north of Spain. We want to go there!

Pontevedra– uniquely known as a city that abolished cars in the city centre in the early 2000s, the pedestrian walkways of Pontevedra allow free and easy passage through areas replete with Renaissance and Gothic architectural masterpieces. This relaxing vibe makes the city perfect for simply enjoying the Spanish way of life, free from noise pollution and the other encumbrances of ‘city life’.

Santiago de Compostela– perhaps the most famous of all cities in Galicia, this city is the final destination point of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. It is said that the elation many pilgrims achieve upon entering the city at the end of their pilgrimage is euphoric. Uniquely enough, aside from boasting delicious food and an extremely special history, Santiago de Compostela stands at the top of the list for ‘people watching’.

Vigo– one of the most famous industrial port towns in Galicia, it boasts easy access to the Cíes Islands, a delightful day trip from Vigo by ferry. Hiking and nature also factor into the city’s charm. Not only is it a part of the Portuguese Way of the Camino de Santiago, but it is also located near the GR53, a 35-mile nature trail nestled in the hills surrounding the city.

As ever, DaHungryCouple stands at the ready to explore this undervalued tourism destination with like-minded clients excited to try a completely new path. ¡Viva España!

by @dahungryhubs

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