The Wonk Corner EP1: 葡萄牙黃金簽證新例,究竟係咩玩法?Portugal's Golden Visa - On Again, off Again?

2020年2月關於葡萄牙黃金簽證計劃的新限制,震驚不少當地地產界以及有心投資的海外人士。在我們最新的Wonk Corner系列,@dahungryhubs就這項新例為黃金簽證投資將會帶來甚麼變化,發表了自己的看法。總而言之:大家唔駛驚!

The passage of limitations to Portugal's Golden Visa programme in February 2020 sent shock waves through the world of the Portuguese real estate agent and stirred concerns of how to properly time investment from prospective Golden Visa investors. In our newest segment, Wonk Corner, @dahungryhubs proffers his opinion on what the recent changes may mean for potential investors. Hint: it's no time to panic...

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