Excellence Nougats

Created in 2012, the Excellence Nougats series is formed by classic varieties with a luxurious presentation. Available in 300g and 150g versions. 



Artisan Nougats

Packaged in transparent packaging without boxes. Clients can easily view what they are purchasing and clients can save a little cost because they aren’t packed in boxes. This also is more environmental friendly.



Individual Nougats
The best way to enjoy nougats anywhere. Individual nougat range is for individual portions and sizes are from 80g to 35g.


Albert Adriá - Natura Range

This is the maximum expression from the prestigious chef and our Nougat Master Angel Velasco when they combined their knowledge to create the Natura Line. Inspired by different desserts that Albert Adria made for “El Bulli” restaurant, these varieties surprise the palate and position it in the highest gastronomy.


Sugar-free Nougats

A line of sugar free nougats that maintain their flavour and quality just as the rest of the products. Suitable for those with dietary restrictions and seeking to reduce their sugar consumption.



Ecological Nougats

Angel & Lluch, established in 1948 and located in Agramunt, is specialised in organic products and develops a wide range of nougats and chocolates using only ecological ingredients which are characterised by their delightful taste. The artisanal company is certified by the CCPAE and uses all organic raw materials/ingredients.


Jolonch Chocolate

Grated Jolonch chocolate with 35% or 60% cocoa. Perfect for making hot chocolate beverages.


Portalegre Egg Candy

Egg candy is an egg and sugar-based specialty born in the Convents of the Portalegre region, 300 years ago. Today, Fábrica do Rebuçado® egg candies delight in their careful preparation and presentation and delight in the top quality ingredients (pasteurised egg yolk, sugar and water) with which they are made.


Port Wine Cookies

Fine and very crunchy, and inclusive of a centenary port wine from a village located in the Douro. Revealing a concentration of flavour with refined aromas, these are truly unique and exclusive cookies.


Beer Cookies

Born in beer, but with a dominant, persistent aroma of caramelisation that bursts forth the moment the package is opened. Contains no colourings, preservatives or other additives.


Lemon Cookies

This biscuit explodes with lemon flavour! Composed of sturdy grains and real lemon zest, with a texture amenable to the palate, each bite is an ode to the unique power of the lemon citrus fruit.


Chocolate Cookies

An impeccable biscuit with a texture remaining intact from first to last bite. Composed of two types of flour with different grain sizes, accompanied by grains of the very finest chocolate.

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