Step 1. Understand your needs

In order to arrange your itinerary, activities and accommodation, we will provide an online questionnaire to determine your overall trip preferences and requirements. This can also be completed via phone or email.

Step 2. Plan your itinerary

We will design a preliminary itinerary plan based on the information provided and deliver an overall quotation (including service fees) for client reference.

Step 3. Final confirmation

After confirming the itinerary plan and quotation, both parties will sign a standard service contract (within 7 working days), at which time a 30% deposit will be collected. Final confirmation and payment will be completed on an agreed date before departure. 

Step 4. Before you go


Before you leave, we will send you an information package by email, which will detail all relevant information required for the trip. If you have any questions about your trip, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you as soon as possible. 


Q: What items are included in the itinerary planning and quotation?

A: Includes accommodation, transportation, activities and catering in Portugal. Does not include entry and exit traffic, visa applications, personal travel insurance and other items.

Q: Can the contents of the preliminary itinerary plan be revised?
A: Yes. We welcome customer suggestions or modifications. The first modification is free; after each modification, a service fee will be charged.
Q: Is tour guide, driver and/or translator included the itinerary?
A: No. If necessary, additional quotations and arrangements can be made.
Q: How do I pay the deposit and the final payment? Do you accept currencies other than the Euro?

A: We accept credit cards and bank transfers. There is no cash settlement. All payments will be in Euros.

Q: If I fail to proceed as scheduled, can I reschedule, postpone or transfer to others?
A: You can make any changes before making the deposit. If you request to reschedule, postpone or transfer to another person after paying the deposit or the final payment, we will try our best to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee 100% success. Because the itinerary involves a number of different travel product/service providers, eventually it depends on their terms and conditions.
Q: If I want to cancel the trip, can I have a refund of the deposit and/or the full payment?
A: We will try our best to arrange, but we cannot guarantee 100% success. Since the itinerary involves a number of different travel product/service providers, eventually it depends on their terms and conditions.
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